Tenancy  fees from 1st Jan 2020 - 31st Dec 2021



At House2Homes Estate Agency we like to operate a fair fee policy. To all Our Landlords and Tenants  therefore all our fee’s are addressed below.

As of June 1st 2018  we can confirm under the new Money Laundering Regulations we will impose a fee to
conduct these checks please see below the breakdown of fees.


We are also a member of Safe Agent our Accreditation No: A6241 



Service Activity


Let-only service

80% of the rent paid in two parts

40% upfront and 40% from 1st months rent



Standard management service

8% of rent plus £370.00 fee to be paid upfront


Premium management


£250.00 paid upfront

£250.00 paid with the 10%  management fee No Vat

Market appraisal

Comprehensive marketing


advertising & accompanied property viewings



referencing Drawing up of assured short-hold tenancy (AST) agreement

Tenant selection, introduction &


Tenant selection, introduction & referencing


Deposit lodged and protected with our preferred and approved scheme (subject to deposit lodgement fee)




Prepare inventory and schedule of condition

Additional Fee:


Additional Fee:


Inventory List 4 bed plus



Notify utilities at beginning and end of tenancy



Validation of maintenance requests prior to issuing contractors




Arranging free estimates for work from our fully vetted and qualified contractor network (or yours)




Arranging routine repairs and maintenance under agreed



Monthly rent collection and payment to you




Rent chasing/credit control via our rent arrears process




Preparing rental statements for your accountant on an excel spread sheet




Invoice payment to suppliers/contractors locally and assistance in sourcing




Payment of service charge/ground rent (if applicable) Fee Advice on property investment




Arrangement of gas safety certificates, electrical safety and EPCs




Arrange check-out inspection




 Quotes for Professional clean at end of tenancy




Negotiate renewal with tenant and ensure documentation signed (Does not include rent review)




Deposit negotiations between both parties and return of any monies due



Adjudication of dispute (if applicable)



End of tenancy process ie handing back the deposit etc




Annual rent review


Outine inspection(s) and the subsequent booking and reporting of the findings to landlord paid your rent notices



Serve section 8 notices

Charged £15.00 per hour

Charged £15.00 per hour


Serve section 21

Charged £15.00 per hour

Charged £15.00 per hour

Advice on property investment locally and assistance in sourcing



Once all contracts have been signed and the landlord wishes to change the rental amount to be set lower and or higher  then what has been agreed



£15.00 to re change the contract

If additional spot checks are requested by the landlord for every 3 months fee

£45.00 per hour

£45.00 per house


Lost Tenancy Agreements

Additional Fee of £70.00

Additional Fee of £70.00

If Items need to be sent to the tenant there will be additional feee ie smoke ALARAMS




Renewal of tenancy



If we have to loan heaters to the tenants and if any emergency ones are needed to be purchased we will make a charge from to the following months’ rent (receipts will be provided and deducted from the months’ rent.




Once a tenant has been found and the landlord changes their mind on renting a fee of one months rent will be charged to cover reasonable business admin costs. 




Information for Tenants and Landlords as of the 1June 2019

The Bill is now an Act of Parliament and known as the Tenant Fees Act 2019. The Tenant Fees Act outlines the Government's approach to banning letting fees paid by tenants in the private rented sector and capping tenancy deposits. The ban on tenant fees comes into force on 1 June 2019.


Your Rent Payment


Can I ask a tenant to pay more rent in the

first few months to cover the cost of banned fees?



Under the ban, you cannot require a tenant to enter into an agreement that ‘front loads’ the rent at the start of a tenancy

i.e. by charging more for the first month(s) of the tenancy

 The amount of rent charged should normally be equally split across the first year of the tenancy.

However, after the tenancy has begun, you can reduce or increase a tenant’s rent without breaching the Tenant Fees Act

if agreed with the tenant or under a rent review clause in the tenancy agreement (provided that the rent review clause

permits both a rent reduction or increase according to the circumstances).



Q. Can I increase the rent part way through the tenancy?

You can increase the rent if a tenant agrees to this or under a rent review clause in the tenancy agreement

(in the first year of the tenancy this is provided that the rent review clause would also have permitted a rent decrease)

. If the tenancy is an assured short hold periodic tenancy, you can also increase  the rent annually by notice in accordance with section 13 of the Housing Act 1988.

(to reserve a property)

capped at no more than one week’s rent


Q. What is a holding deposit?

A landlord or agent can take a holding deposit from a tenant to reserve a property

whilst reference checks and preparation for a tenancy agreement are undertaken.

You cannot ask a tenant

For more than one week’s rent as a holding deposit

(this cap is based on the total agreed rent for the property)


For example, if there are

three tenants who are jointly liable for the agreed total weekly rent of £240, you

cannot charge each tenant a £240 holding deposit. The maximum this group of

Tenants could be asked to pay as a holding deposit between them would be £240.

They may then choose to split this equally so that each person would pay £80.

You should stop advertising a property once a holding deposit has been paid.

Landlords and agents can only accept one holding deposit for one property at any

one time. You are not permitted to take multiple holding deposits for the same

property. The cap of one week’s rent on holding deposits is an upper limit and not a

Recommendation. You are not obliged to take a holding deposit and

should consider on a case by case basis whether it is appropriate to take a holding deposit

and the appropriate level of deposit to take.

Payments to Change the Tenancy

 A charge of £50.00 to have the contract amended.



What do you mean by a change to a tenancy?


We are lawfully allowed to charge should a tenant want to amend a contract with the below


pets to be kept in the property


a change of sharer in a joint tenancy


permission to sub-let


a business to be run from the property


or any other amendment which alters the obligations of the agreement

Early Termination Fees

Q. Can I ask a tenant to pay a fee if they want to leave a

Tenancy before the end of their

fixed-term or the end of their notice period?


A landlord or agent can require a tenant to make payments in connection with the early termination of the tenancy where the tenant has requested this, but there are restrictions on what can be charged.




If your landlord agrees to a tenant leaving early, you will be

asked to pay rent as required under the tenancy agreement until a suitable replacement tenant is found. A tenant can be held liable for rent until their

fixed-term agreement has ended or  in the case of a statutory periodic tenancy, they have given the notice required under their tenancy agreement. However, a landlord is not able to charge more than the rent they would have received before the end of the tenancy. If you agree to terminate a tenancy early, you should clearly set this out in writing. It is good practice for a landlord or agent to agree to a reasonable request to end the tenancy early. Where agreed to, landlords and agents should consider on a case-by-case basis whether it is appropriate to charge an early termination fee, for example, whether there are any exceptional circumstances which require the tenant to leave early.







Payments to change the tenancy.

where the tenants have requested to change the tenancy

We can charge a tenant reasonable costs 


payments associated with early termination of the tenancy



Additional fees that may apply 

Change of move in date:  This charge is to cover the cost of changing paperwork if the move in date is re-arranged within 7 days of the set move in date



Copy documents: tenancy agreement- -This charge covers duplication of any document such as a lost tenancy agreement. Tenancy Agreement

 Copy of Inventory color


Missed appointments:

If during the tenancy an appointment is made and confirmed with you for a maintenance visit, should the appointment be missed or the contractor denied access (unless you have authorized entry with pass key



If the rent is late or is part paid we will issue a letter with 24 hours and allow 7 days for you to pay.

If another letter needs to be sent after the 1st 7 days we will charge an additional fee


Lost Keys or replacement keys will be charged at


Re  requiring any additional paperwork